Fabulous – Motivate Me

Fabulous – Motivate Me Get Science-based Coaching to increase your energy, feel vibrant health, lose weight and sleep better by instilling healthy habits and routines in your life.

Reach any of your Health & Productivity goals by following a step-by-step program.

Just use Fabulous to coach yourself to reach your goals, lift yourself to Get Active, Eat Better, Sleep Better, Lose Weight and Stay Motivated by installing 5 healthy living habits that will make you forget about fatigue and low-energy.

This is not just a habit tracker or a quantified self app. Fabulous is a holistic approach, it’s your own happiness trainer.

Fabulous - Motivate Me Fabulous - Motivate

Fabulous – Motivate Me Features –

  • Do you ever struggle to wake-up in the morning?
  •  Do you know what Diet you should have to feel energetic?
  • Do you feel Fatigue and are you tired by mid-day?
  •  Do you have a morning routine?
  •  Do you want to have full energy for 5-hours?
  • Have Trouble Sleeping because of blue light?
  • Can’t concentrate on a single task because of ADHD.

how Fabulous Works

  • Smart-targeted health advises for healthy living
  • Scientifically Grounded approach to instill healthy habits and mindfulness in your life.
  • Weight Loss Program where you don’t have to count calories, inspired from Atkins & HCG Diet.
  • Your own personal 1:1 human coach that will motivate you to get going on your goals!
  • Integrated Fitness Programs for proper motivato
  • If you can’t sleep, the app will show you how to sleep properly
    Start by installing a morning routine and then add other goals to your life.

Size – 23 MB

Requires – android 4.0.3+


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