Clockwork Tomato

Clockwork Tomato – Clockwork Tomato is a time management application, based on the Pomodoro technique, a method that boosts productivity by breaking down work periods into 25-minute slices, separated by short breaks.

This application is both a timer and a desktop clock, with simple and complete features:

Original display of all the informations: a light and smart-looking clock showing the start time, end time and progress of the current timer, and the next timer to come.

Clockwork Tomato Clockwork Tomato apk
  • Timers can auto-chain.
    Enhanced manual mode featuring ‘extended timers’.
  • Optional continuous ticking sound during Pomodoro timers.
  • Optional flashing screen at the end of a timer, and during extended timers.
  • Home screen clock widget.
  • Lock screen clock widget (Android 4.2+).
  • Persistent statistics on achieved pomodoros with history sharing capabilities.
  • Fully configurable (timers length, colors, elements display).
  • Ability to call Tasker tasks for more customizations.
  • Optimized for both small and large displays, including tablets.
  • Resource-friendly.

Size – 3.8 MB

Requirement – android 2.2+

Download Clockwork Tomato .apk

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