Battery Guru – Battery Saver

Battery Guru is a totally free phone battery saver app. It provides 24 hours care for your phone.and also provides phone speed up and junks clean.


►Memory (cached RAM) cleaner: Clean up unnecessary background processes and temp data to accelerate the speed of your Android device
►Battery saving recommendations: Offer appropriate actions based on remaining battery life
►Auto extend: Automate battery saving actions based on your preference
►Call helper: Extend battery life while you are on a phone call with just one tap

Battery Guru – Battery Saver

Battery Guru - Battery Saver Battery Guru - Battery

►Battery usage monitor: Monitors power draining apps and allows you to stop power consuming app with just one-click
►Battery Percentage Indicator: displays the exact battery life in status bar. The battery icon will help you decide when it is necessary to recharge
►Delete cache, uninstall unwanted apps to reclaim storage, boost speed and improve performance of your device and SD card
✔Junk cleaner: Clean out app temp (cached) files, Advertisement files, and obsolete apk files
✔App cleaner: Uninstall any unwanted apps to reclaim storage
✔Large file cleaner: Remove any unnecessary large files or temporary download files.
►Data tracker: Monitor your mobile data usage and stop any data consuming app with just one-click so you don’t exceed your monthly data limit and incur additional charges
►Data usage details: View mobile data usage per applicationSize – 7.4 MB

Requires – android 2.0.1+


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